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When the lips do the talking, the ears listen. But, the eyes behold the visuals and the hearts skip many beats for those luscious curvy lips even if they are silent. At Glitter Me Beauty Bar, we empower your lips so that they grab all the attention immediately. Our approach to lip blushing in Columbus Ohio defines and refines your lips in terms of symmetry and tone while maintaining a natural look. After performing lip blushing for years and for many satisfied clients in the region, we are happy welcoming you to be the subject of our next success story.

Benefits of Lip Blushing


Why get lip blushing, you may ask. Well! There are many good reasons to choose it and we would like to highlight what we find the most exciting ones:

  • Get the most dramatic lip shape and color to boost your smile 
  • No fillers, no injections and no surgical procedures, especially if you fear them
  • Achieve the highest level of fullness to turn the lips an asset of your personality
  • Use of natural pigments to eliminate the possibility of artificial looks
  • Long-lasting results that may keep your lips’ beauty intact for years
  • Get rid of daily expensive products like lipsticks and lip gloss 
  • Flaunt new confidence in the way you carry yourself in routine

For these and many other benefits, an expert in permanent makeup can actually make a huge difference. We are happy to have the most talented among them in Columbus serving at our salon.

Lip Blush
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Did We Forget to Mention the Customized Lips?


No! We did it deliberately. The customization is one benefit of lip blushing which needs a mention separately. Based on the needs, lifestyles and overall personalities of different clients, we offer personalized lip blushing for even more remarkable and pleasing results. For example:

  • Decide with us the lip color you want for accomplishing a perfect match for your skin tone
  • Choose that striking lip shape that complements the other features of your face and so on

Having been constantly offering services for lip blush in Columbus, we are in the position to offer great suggestions to each and every client. Whether you are a party animal or a professional, we promise to make your lips among the best traits of your profile.

Correct Eligibility Assessment for Lip Blush

Starting at $450

Just like other procedures for semi-permanent and permanent lips in Columbus, lip blushing too might be right for some and not for others. First of all, we recommend you to undergo the procedure, if you:

  • Have average-looking natural lips and are eager to improve their appearance
  • Experience your lips losing their natural color and turning pale due to aging
  • Wish to get rid of those scars, spots or injury marks visible in your lips
  • Feel that your lips have uneven pigmentation leading to poor shape or shade
  • Find women around with fuller lips and want to add volume to your pair
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However, one might not be a suitable candidate for this procedure under different circumstances. These include:

    • Pregnancy and nursing
    • History of cold sores, compromised immunity, bleeding issues 
    • Past or current intake of certain medications like steroids, Accutane, sun-sensitizing drugs and more

But, don’t be disappointed! You are advised to consult a medical expert to get the best review of your situation. Our experts in lip blushing in Columbus Ohio are also willing to help you establish eligibility for undergoing the procedure safely and without any undesirable outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Though, lip blushing is a standard procedure, we believe in adding value to every stage of it. With us, you can have the best of:

Preparations: Our experts recommend how to start preparing for the procedure a few days in advance. For example, you can seek advice on:

  • How to keep your skin smooth and hydrated?
  • What lip products you should start/stop applying?
  • Are there any food items or beverages that you may need to stop?
  • How many hours before the appointment should you brush your teeth?

Procedure: We collaborate with the client to review and decide the shape and color that would suit the best. Before starting the procedure, we apply the right numbing cream to the area. Finally, we use a sterilized mechanical gun/needle to tattoo the pigment on the client’s lips. The entire procedure may take nearly one and a half hour or so. 

Aftercare: We inform the client in advance about the possible immediate results. For example, the lips may swell and the swelling may take a few days to subside. Also, the lip color may appear darker and it may take some days to attain the anticipate tone. In addition, we guide our clients on how to allow proper healing by addressing queries like:

  • Exposure to sunlight
  • Cleaning the area
  • Dealing with scabs
  • Activities and foods/drinks to avoid and so on

We would love to answer them. Before you go under the needle, have an elaborated conversation with us and take the first step right towards gorgeous lips.

License: We have licensed artists to perform each of our makeup procedures, including lip blushing.

Minimum Pain: Through careful selection of products and because of our expertise, we ensure least discomfort during lip tattooing.

Fewer Chances of Side-effects:  We know the possible side-effects like allergies, redness and infections and we follow the safest approach to minimize their occurrence.

Hygiene: Our state-of-the-art salon and proper hygiene maintenance practices ensure that you get a risk-free lips enhancement service.

Restoration: The lip color and shape may last for 2 years or more. Get back to us when you need to restore the looks and we promise to serve you equally well.

Costs: Pay the most competitive prices for permanent lips in Columbus. We are dedicated to keep beauty treatments well in your budget.