We won’t start with the cliché – are you looking to enhance your beauty? Who isn’t? When you are interested in enhancing your beauty, at Glitter Me Beauty Bar we partner with you. And with us, getting glammed up is a lot more affordable than you might think! Samantha, the brain behind this next-gen beauty bar was driven by the idea of making permanent and semi-permanent beauty services accessible to all without making any compromises on quality. We are committed to offering you the best Microblading in Columbus Ohio along with many other beauty enhancement services that include powder brows, eyelash extensions, permanent eyeliner, lip blushing, scalp micropigmentation, tattoo removal and more. 

Why Microblading in Columbus Ohio? 

You can’t spend hours every day to look your best. Our fast and busy lifestyles simply don’t offer us enough time. This is where semi-permanent and permanent makeup has grown in popularity. Here we use pigmentation to shade eyebrows, lips and more to enhance your appearance and ensure it lasts for a long-duration so that you always look your best, no matter if you have the time to put on your brows or not! Microblading is without a doubt the most popular brow service today. In the microblading treatment, we tattoo individual hair strokes into your brows, creating the illusion of perfectly shaped eyebrows. We offer the same with Lip blushing in Columbus, Ohio. 

Delivering a Cheerful Makeover with Permanent Eyeliner in Columbus Ohio
At Glitter Me Beauty Bar we have always believed in making beauty a truly personal and cheerful experience for our clients. When you think of eyelash extensions in Columbus, Ohio or any other beauty service, you should not only be happy with the outcome but you should also enjoy your entire experience with us. Whether you are bold enough to experiment with new makeover ideas or you’re a little bit more on the shy side, we offer you a wide selection of makeover options. We specialize in microblading, as well as a variety of permanent makeup related services such as combination brows, powder brows, lash extensions, tattoo removal, and so much more, right here in Columbus, Ohio. 

To ensure you enjoy the best possible experience we always have a distinct emphasis on quality and lasting appeal. We work diligently to meet your needs and benchmark our services against the best in industry. Permanent makeup when performed incorrectly can produce unpleasant results. This is why we employ the latest techniques and use high-quality products to offer you an unbeatable experience with consistently fantastic results! Don’t worry about the cost as you can enjoy the best-in-class microblading, permanent eyeliner and Eyelash extensions in Columbus, Ohio without having to dig deep into your pocket. 

Why Choose Glitter Me Beauty Bar?
If you are looking for a beauty clinic in Columbus, Ohio you’d surely have a variety of options. However, we at Glitter Me Beauty Bar have left the competition behind thanks to the consistent outcome and experience we are able to achieve with our clients. The definition of beauty is different to everyone and this is where Samantha and our other team members always focus on involving our clients in order to achieve the exact style and look that you desire. Whether it is eyelash extensions in Columbus Ohio or  scalp micropigmentation, you can trust us to do it better than the rest! 

Microblading Training in Columbus
Samantha has always believed in passing on the skills to the next generation of makeup artists. We are the first-choice name for Microblading training in Columbus and offer several live and online training courses that start with the Trial Course all the way up to advanced courses that allow budding permanent makeup artists to venture out on their own. 

Walk in to our beauty bar and you will experience a dynamic environment, one that is focused on enhancing your looks and personality. Call us at 614-849-8900 and you are in for a memorable experience.

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