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Give Wings to Your Life and Eyeliner


Some women love matte lips whereas some love it when it shines, but there’s hardly any woman who leaves the house without eyeliner. Be it the barely-there liner look or the oh-so-powerful winged look, eyeliner is a make-up must-have for every woman. It defines your eyes in ways nothing else can, transforming the girl-next-door to a goddess, in just a few strokes. But, perfecting the art of applying eyeliners is just as complex as its importance in your make routine.

So, if you are tired of watching vloggers get that perfect wing which you cannot, we have the one solution you couldn’t say no to. Try our permanent Eyeliner Columbus service and flaunt that perfectly drawn eyeliner every day.

Permanent Eyeliner – The Basics


Permanent makeup is one of the most popular trends today – reducing the hassles of spending long hours getting the perfect makeup look. Be it permanent eyeliner or lashes, these low-maintenance makeup trends are making heads turn. Just like getting a permanent lip blush, permanent eyeliner also is a tattoo technique that gives a long-lasting eyeliner.

Just like any other tattoo technique, permanent eyeliner also uses body ink. Using a tattoo machine, body ink is injected into the skin layer over the natural lash line to achieve the desired result.

Even though the term permanent is commonly used to describe most of these make-up enhancement procedures, it usually lasts for a few years before fading. While body ink lasts for much longer, eyeliner, lip blush, and microblading techniques do not deposit the ink all the way into the deeper skin layers. There are several ways to get a permanent Eyeliner Columbus – the prominent and thick liner look, the more powdered or shadowy liner, or an HR (High Definition) look.

Permanent Eyeliner - Glitter Me Beauty Bar
Eyeliner - Glitter Me Beauty Bar

How Does the Process Work?


Since a permanently lined eye is nothing but a tattoo, the process is pretty much the same – prepping up the skin with an antibacterial solution that is safe for your eyes, followed by a numbing cream to numb the area and then the actual sketching and inking using a tattoo gun.

Most techniques may be applied in one single treatment. Depending on the intricacy of the final result (whether you want a simple lash liner or want the perfect winged look), there may be more sessions needed.

Since eye shapes vary and not every style suits a particular face type and eye shape, you must discuss it with your esthetician before finalizing the look.

Types of Permanent Eyeliner Columbus Ohio Techniques

Starting at $450

Every person has a different definition of the perfect eyeliner. So, permanent eyeliners also need to be versatile. While the dark and prominent look is one of the most common ones, the powered eyeliner that gives an au naturel look is getting very popular amongst makeup enthusiasts who love the barely-there look.

Some of the common eyeliner styles are – traditional thick eyeliner drawn just over the last line to give a prominent eyeliner look, the lash enhancement technique that deposits small dots of ink very close to the lash line to give a shadowy or powdered look, artistic liners like different style winged looks, cat-eyed, drop eyed, etc.

Perfect Eyeliner - Glitter Me Beauty Bar
Permanent Eyeliner - Glitter Me Beauty Bar

Who Should Not Get Permanent Eyeliner?

Starting at $450

While many women who look good with eyeliner would love to get permanent eyeliner, there are some criteria that you should meet to be a fit candidate for the procedure. Not adhering to these can obstruct the healing process and lead to infections. So, before booking an appointment, please discuss with our team of experts if you are the right candidate to get a permanent liner or not.

Please avoid the procedure if you – are pregnant, are on chemotherapy, if you take medication to thin blood, have any auto-immune disease, are diabetic, or suffer from any blood clotting disease. This is not an exhaustive list so do consult with our experts before proceeding.

Prepping for Your Appointment?

Starting at $450

Let’s get the obvious concern sorted first. No, the procedure is not as painful as it sounds. You’d be surprised to know permanent eyeliner is often one of the least painful of the tattoo techniques and you have modern tools, our expert technicians, and of course, eye-safe numbing creams to thank!

The appointment day proceedings are also pretty standard for any tattoo session – general consultation to confirm that you are fit for the procedure, finalizing the end look, applying the numbing cream to remove any discomfort, and then actual inking itself.

Most eyeliner requires multiple sessions to finish where technicians not only allow the skin to heal but also check for pigment absorption and other nitty-gritty.

Once the process is complete, there is practically no downtime. You are free to go after applying a protective cream but must follow the after-care routine thoroughly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although a type of tattoo technique, most people do not find the procedure painful. Of course, everyone has a different threshold for pain, but it is in no way intolerable. We also apply a numbing cream to reduce discomfort.

It is usually an hour long. But for the final look, you might require multiple sessions.

Typically, tattooed eyeliners last from 12 to 18 months before it starts fading. However, a touch-up is good if you want long-lasting results.