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A well-drawn pair of eyebrows can uplift your face and make you look younger without much effort. But, getting that perfectly arched, naturally full eyebrow is often a task in itself.

Are you tired of spending time every morning filling, combing, and blending a million different brow pencils and gels on your brows? We have the perfect solution – Ombré or powder brows.

Powder Brows – The Basics


Powder Brows or Ombré brows is a semi-permanent cosmetic enhancement technique that enhances your eyebrows to give an au naturel, soft effect. The final look after the procedure is much like powder makeup – natural and barely there. It is similar to a shadow tattoo, without harsh outlines, and uses a tattoo-gun-like device.

Our licensed and highly skilled estheticians release thousands of tiny dots of skin-safe pigments in your skin at powder brows Columbus. The goal is to define your natural brow line and to make the hair appear denser only where needed. Unlike microblading, there is a noticeable outline in the final look. The brows follow the natural color intensity – dark at the roots and light at the tip.

Powder Brows - Glitter Me Salon
PowderBrows - Glitter Me Salon

Who Should Get Powder Brows?


Short answer, anyone who is tired of drawing their brows every single day.

Everyone deserves the perfect, no-maintenance brow line. Still, the powder brow technique is best suited for people with oily skin who cannot go for microblading or combination brow techniques. Since shading is fairly effective for all skin types, ombré brows are perfect for anyone who wants a natural look.

Also, if you are blessed with naturally full eyebrows and only need to fill in a few spots here and there, this technique is PERFECT for you.

What to Expect During Your Appointment?

Starting at $450

No, it doesn’t hurt.

Since this is the most common question our clients have for us, we wanted to clear that out before anything else.

Once you book an appointment with us at powder brows Columbus, the process is pretty simple. You come in, we apply a topical anesthetic to numb you, and you relax for about 30 minutes so that your brows are entirely numb to the touch.

Our eyebrow artist talks you through the process and understands your vision of the perfect brow. Our personalized services and everything we do ensure you get your dream eyebrows without any hassles.

Once we know your requirements, it is time to sketch them out. Using different expressions as references, we try to achieve the best eyebrow that’s symmetric and suits your face shape.

Now, all that’s left is to ink. The actual procedure is usually less than an hour, and voila! You have your perfectly shaped eyebrows!


Why Choose Us for Powder Brows Columbus Ohio?


Three words – Professional, Personalized, Passionate
We know how much you care for your face. We do too!

  • We are certified and licensed to offer all our services.
  • We offer the most value.
  • We take hygiene and safe work practices very seriously to always put our client’s safety first.
  • We always listen to you and personalize our services for you.
  • We love to see you leave with a smile. Every time!

Powder Brows – The Aftercare

Starting at $450

Getting powder brows is essentially getting a tattoo and can get messy if you do not allow the normal healing process. Typically, it takes 30 – 40 days for your eyebrows to heal completely. All you have to do is follow our aftercare guide, and much like the process itself, you won’t feel a thing!

Please keep it clean and dry for the first few days. Do not touch your brows and never rub. Dab, dab, and dab only! The skin around the eyebrows will look a little red and angry for the first day, but that’s completely normal. Keep your eyebrows protected against direct sun exposure.

If it starts to scab, apply a very tiny amount of the aftercare ointment (your brow should not look wet or shiny after applying the cream).

You can start with your regular skincare or makeup routine (it is best to leave the eyebrows out for as long as you can) after two weeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, they are not. Microblading is done using a hand-held, manual tool. The artist manually tattoos individual hair strokes using skin-safe pigments. Whereas, in powder brows, artists use a machine tool to ink small dots and lines to give a more shadowy effect with a more prominent outline.

Yes, absolutely. Compared to other tattoo techniques, it is far less invasive. Our trained professionals have years of practice before they provide you any service.

Permanent makeup for the eyebrows can typically last for about 1 to 3 years, but these pigments can fade over time and require touch-ups. We suggest getting the first touch-up done at six weeks to ensure a prettier-looking brow for longer.

While a typical appointment can be a few hours long, the actual procedure usually takes about an hour or so.

No, both powder brows and microblading are semi-permanent techniques and last for about 1.5 years on average. However, powder brows last longer (up to 3 years).

If you are pregnant, have a severe cold or the flu, epileptic episodes, suffer from an auto-immune disease or skin diseases, have recently undergone chemotherapy, or are under 18 and above 55 years of age. Please speak to your PMU artist before proceeding with the process and inform them about these conditions, if any.