Time and again, poets and artists have fallen in love with the woman’s beautiful lustrous curls. They wrote odes and songs praising the lover’s tresses. Indeed, a head full of stunning long hair adds a great deal to a woman’s beauty. After you have donned your make-up, a pretty hairdo will complete your look. The fuller your hair is, the more hairstyles you can explore. However, people suffering from hair loss need not worry either. Hair loss can happen by many factors such as heredity, stress, or disease. If you have experienced hair loss yourself and have been praying for a solution to resolve a receding hairline or patches of the lost hair in different areas of your head, then consider your prayers heard. Such a feat was not possible in old times, but modern cosmetics can offer you a great solution. Find out the entire treatment and what benefits you can enjoy with our micropigmentation technique.

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What is Scalp Pigmentation Columbus?


Scalp Micropigmentation, or SMP in short, is a non-surgical treatment, intended to cover up areas of the head that have lost substantial amounts of hair. In this treatment, tattoo pigments penetrate into the skin of the scalp using an electric tattoo device. Although both fall into the same category, scalp micropigmentation requires a bit more power than microblading. This is because the skin on the scalp is thicker than the skin under the eyebrows.

The treatment does not give the client new hair. Rather, it implements layered, tiny dots of various shades of black. These dots help to create a shadow on your scalp, imitating natural depth and definition. Our professionals will make sure the dots blend well with your hair and your complexion so that it looks natural.

Who Needs This Treatment?


Hair loss is a grave concern for many around the world, and it is quite impartial to all genders. However, it is also a common problem. Anyone who has thin hair might also benefit from this treatment.

Scalp pigmentation can prove to be especially beneficial for people facing hair loss due to a disease like alopecia or cancer. Even people with thinning hair, pattern baldness, and surgery scars can find it helpful.

The Process Of The Treatment

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The scalp pigmentation begins with the application of a topical numbing agent on your scalp. After this, the pigmentation process begins. Book your appointment with us for scalp micropigmentation Columbus Ohio then our experts can properly advise you regarding the entire process.

As a general guideline, you can follow a few rules. First, do not wet your scalp after treatment for at least four days. It is better to shower before the treatment. Also, do not expose your scalp to the sun for the first four days after treatment. On the fifth day, you can expose your scalp to the sun for 45min to 1 hour.

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How Long Does The Treatment Take?

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If you are planning a scalp micropigmentation treatment, then keep in mind that you may need multiple treatments. After you book an appointment with us, our experts can examine you and tell you approximately how many treatments you might need. The number of sittings usually depends on the amount of scalp that needs treatment. That is why you should plan your treatment ahead with ample time on your hands.

It usually takes about 3-4 treatments to cover a small area like a widow’s peak. Each treatment takes around 3-5 hours. Usually, the treatments require a gap of a few weeks. In between the treatments, make sure not to go swimming, sauna, or participate in anything that exposes the scalp to moisture.

How Long Will The Treatment Last?

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Scalp pigmentation is not a permanent treatment. If well maintained, the treatment can last several years. However, the pigments will fade over time because human skin exfoliates itself naturally. Pigment might fade a little quicker for people with dry skin, as dry skin flakes easily. We at Glitter Me Beauty Bar also take extra care during the scalp pigmentation Columbus so the color will not change.

The result of the treatment will be visible immediately.  However, results become more visible and natural after around 2-3 sessions.

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Does It Hurt?

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The amount of pain you experience during the treatment depends on your pain tolerance limit. Our SMP expert will apply a numbing agent before the actual treatment to reduce pain. Nevertheless, you should still be prepared to endure slight discomfort. However, we will make sure you encounter as little pain as possible. We conduct the treatment in a sterile, clean environment, so you are comfortable and relaxed.

Additionally, if you have scalp acne or psoriasis, you should get that treated first. Do not get scalp micropigmentation treatment during a breakout, as it will be challenging to apply the treatment. It will also be an unpleasant experience for you.

During the pre-treatment appointment, you can consult our experts regarding such issues. They can tell you the right time to receive your hair damage treatment.

What Are The Benefits?

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The scalp pigmentation treatment is beneficial in more ways than just giving you a semblance of a fuller head of hair. It is a safe, reliable treatment, so you will have nothing to worry about.

Having fuller hair makes you look younger, which in turn will help to boost your confidence as well. And a confident person performs well, don’t you agree?

Step In Today

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At Glitter Me Beauty Bar, our professionals have plenty of experience and have proper training. They can help you plan your sessions provide you personalized advice to follow. So, if you are tired of losing hair or escalating baldness, you can try scalp micropigmentation. Book an appointment with us, and you will soon be enticing everyone with your beautiful, fuller hair!

Frequently Asked Questions

Scalp pigmentation lasts for anything 6 years or more when done by a professional expert. The longevity also depends on how well the scalp is taken care of through the years.

Scalp pigmentation is one of the most effective solutions to hair loss. Because of its natural and long-term results, it can have become the choice of people with a lot of people.

Scalp pigmentation is a good effective solution to the hair loss problem. It offers a semi-permanent solution that is undetectable if done well.

It takes between 7 and 10 days to heal from the procedure.

No, it does not. It is a procedure by which the scalp is pigmented to produce natural and undetectable results.

Scalp micropigmentation can cost anything between $2500 and $4000 depending on factors such as the condition of the scalp, the amount of hair loss, etc. The exact cost will be determined only after a personal assessment of the scalp and hair.

Micro scalp pigmentation lasts 6 years or more if a professional expert does it and if enough care is taken of the scalp through the years.

Yes, scalp micropigmentation can be reversed by laser therapy.

No, you don’t have to shave your head when you get scalp micropigmentation done at Glitter Me Up Salon.